China’s International Packaging Exhibit 2015

China- The International Exhibition on Packaging Products 2015 or the PACKINO 2015 will be held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex situated at Pazhou, Guangzhou, China. The said annual event will take place in March 9 to 11, 2015. This grand activity in China will feature over 10,000 square meters of exhibit area and there will be more than 200 exhibitors from around the world participating in the most anticipated event.

This event was organized by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, Shenzhen Cooperator Advertisement Co., Ltd and the Guangdong Packaging Technology Association.

The international exhibition will feature packaging products and materials. There are at least 30,000 invited guests to the affair who are business magnates in the food and beverage, beauty products and cosmetics, healthcare products, luxury goods, wines and spirits, medicine and pharmaceuticals and electronics industries.

Some renowned exhibitors at PACKINNO 2015

One of the exhibitors in the event is the Ball Asia Pacific Ltd. This company has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, USA and was founded in the year 1880. In 1985 it expanded its market reach in China. It specializes in metal packaging for soft drinks, juices, tea, beer and several dairy products. It is a well known company in the packaging that it specializes in taking up a huge chunk of the market at about 33 percent. Their product packaging is impressive in that they make embossed cans which enhance the tactile experience of the customer and their designs are also impressive.

Another leading packaging company in South China is the Guangzhou Xinlian Zhitong Industrial Limited. It manufactures plastic containers. The business market sectors that it caters to are packaging, cosmetics and beverage. This company has already been in the business for quite some time and has established strong ties with leading manufacturers and enterprises such as the CR Beverage, Bluemoon, China Resources and Fooklamoon.

The Xinle Huabao Plastic Film Co,. Ltd will also take part in the exhibit days from now. This company is a subsidiary of Hebei Huabao Plastic Machinery Joint-stock Co., Ltd and was founded in the year 1999. Its goal as a company is to introduce technological and modern day innovations in the process of manufacturing different products.


Inside The ISIS Capital

The militant group ISIS claimed that Raqqa, a city in Syria is the capital of their caliphate. One Syrian said in an interview that getting inside the compounds of the city is not a problem but getting out is.

Life inside Raqqa

Raqqa used to be known as one of Syria’s most liberated city. Today, people inside the city are living in grips of fear. Continues air strikes and bombings happen on a daily basis. ISIS commandos and fighters are ruthlessly treating the inhabitants of the city.

According to a resident of the city which was interviewed by CNN, dozens of executions happened inside the city. Within two months there were at least 40 people that were killed. The charges range from taking part in the Free Syrian Army, being gay, or being an activist. Punishment by death is immediately perpetuated to those found guilty.
There is a constant forced blood donation among the inhabitants of the city. If you are charged with a crime, brought to a court, there is a greater chance that you will end up in a hospital donating your blood to wounded ISIS fighters. People are forced to donate their blood and bring back the receipt to the high court.

Perhaps women suffer the most inside Raqqa. For women living in the city, it is like a bog prison cell for them. Girls who are below 45 years old are not allowed to momentarily or permanently leave the city. There are at least 270 Syrian girls documented who were forced into marrying ISIS fighters. The militants take two or three wives for them and even find some Yazidi girls for slaves.

Infrastructures inside the city get a face lift thru paintings of bright colors. In the Raqqa square where most executions were made, the buildings were repainted with vibrant colors. Activists in the area said that the terror group does this so that the buildings will not become a target of airstrikes. When the ISIS fighters first came into the city, they painted all of the building black but later changed the coating to pink, gold, white and green paint.

Military Ceremony in Gaza

Hamas Designated As A Terrorist Group By Egyptian Court

Cairo, Egypt- A court in Egypt has recently ruled that Hamas is to be considered a terrorist organization. Hamas is an Islamic group that resides mostly in the Gaza strip. The group was already at a bad relationship with the Egyptian government when the former president of the country, Mohammed Morsy, was ousted from office in a coup last 2013. The change in leadership angered the group which made them launch several attacks and protests in Egypt.
The Egyptian former president was a devout member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamist political organization and it has a deep bond with the Hamas organization. When Morsy was kicked out of office in the summer of 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood was labeled as a terrorist group several months later.

Egypt as a mediator between Israel and Pakistan

Hamas leaders and members condemned the decision made by the Egyptian court. The spokesperson for the terror organization said that the decision was not foreseen and one that is dangerous targeting the people of Palestine. He further stated that Egypt’s judgment will deeply hurt the reputation of Egypt.

Egypt has been a neutral nation to the bickering between Israel and Palestine. For years it has played a very important role in the peace negotiations between the warring parties. Egypt’s reputation was that one that is impartial. With the new high court ruling, this will surely create a new turn for the mediator role of Egypt.
The Egyptian court that made the ruling is the Urgent Matters Court. The court decision was based on evidences that Hamas supported insurgents and have series of attacks in the Sinai Peninsula. This region has been under hostility for recently.

On another note, the armed wing of the terror group, al Qassam Brigades, was also ruled as a terrorist group by Egypt’s Urgent Matters Court last month.


Hamas is an organization founded in Palestine. It is a Palestinian Islamic group but has been designated by several countries to be a terrorist group. Among the countries that expressed blatant comments that the group is terroristic as evidenced by their activities are the United States, Australia, Japan, Israel, United Kingdom and Canada. In Jordan, the government prohibits the entry of Hamas members. In other countries such as China, Iran, Qatar and Turkey, the organization is not perceived as a terrorist organization.