Military Ceremony in Gaza

Hamas Designated As A Terrorist Group By Egyptian Court

Cairo, Egypt- A court in Egypt has recently ruled that Hamas is to be considered a terrorist organization. Hamas is an Islamic group that resides mostly in the Gaza strip. The group was already at a bad relationship with the Egyptian government when the former president of the country, Mohammed Morsy, was ousted from office in a coup last 2013. The change in leadership angered the group which made them launch several attacks and protests in Egypt.
The Egyptian former president was a devout member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamist political organization and it has a deep bond with the Hamas organization. When Morsy was kicked out of office in the summer of 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood was labeled as a terrorist group several months later.

Egypt as a mediator between Israel and Pakistan

Hamas leaders and members condemned the decision made by the Egyptian court. The spokesperson for the terror organization said that the decision was not foreseen and one that is dangerous targeting the people of Palestine. He further stated that Egypt’s judgment will deeply hurt the reputation of Egypt.

Egypt has been a neutral nation to the bickering between Israel and Palestine. For years it has played a very important role in the peace negotiations between the warring parties. Egypt’s reputation was that one that is impartial. With the new high court ruling, this will surely create a new turn for the mediator role of Egypt.
The Egyptian court that made the ruling is the Urgent Matters Court. The court decision was based on evidences that Hamas supported insurgents and have series of attacks in the Sinai Peninsula. This region has been under hostility for recently.

On another note, the armed wing of the terror group, al Qassam Brigades, was also ruled as a terrorist group by Egypt’s Urgent Matters Court last month.


Hamas is an organization founded in Palestine. It is a Palestinian Islamic group but has been designated by several countries to be a terrorist group. Among the countries that expressed blatant comments that the group is terroristic as evidenced by their activities are the United States, Australia, Japan, Israel, United Kingdom and Canada. In Jordan, the government prohibits the entry of Hamas members. In other countries such as China, Iran, Qatar and Turkey, the organization is not perceived as a terrorist organization.

Airbags Can Be Deadly In The Event Of A Crash

Airbags Can Be Deadly In The Event Of A Crash

Inflators were introduced to cars as a safety device to prevent the loss of life in the event of a crash. However, the problem is some inflators tend to explode and expel fragments of metal during the process. About 63.8 million cars in the United States were installed with unsafe Takata airbag inflators so that the government is doubling its efforts at recalling the inflators. The recall can take a while because there are tens of millions of cars affected.

The Takata airbag inflator was said to have killed at least 12 people – 11 in the United States and one in Malaysia. 100 others have been reported hurt whenever a minor collision triggered the airbag to explode. National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) administrator Mark Rosekind advised motorists to take action immediately because there are parts available for the repair of the airbags. Top priority to replace airbags goes to areas with high absolute humidity that includes American south-east and island territories because humid conditions can alter the composition of chemicals that can deploy the airbag and increase the likelihood of an explosion.

Recall of the airbags has been accelerated to prevent explosions when the airbags are deployed. Of the affected 28.8 million cars in the United States, about 8.17 million have been fixed. However, the accelerated recall will add about 35 million to 40 million new cars on the list of affected cars. On the other hand, the defect does not include all Takata airbag inflators. Make and models of affected cars are listed on the NHTSA website. Models included in the expanded recall have not been listed but vehicle owners can sign up for the alert tailored to their car model. Car models that have been affected are so numerous that it may take years for unsafe airbags to be replaced.

While on the topic of cars, Ferrari 488 for sale is gaining the attention and interest of many luxury car enthusiasts. Ferrari 488 was intended to replace the Ferrari 458. Ferrari 488 is powered by a 3.9-liter twin turbocharged V8 that has a higher output than 458’s engine.

Mind The Map As A Celebration Of Contemporary Cartography

Mind The Map As A Celebration Of Contemporary Cartography

The original purposes for the creation of maps is for navigation but aside from this practical functional, there are illustrated maps as unexpected mediums for visual expression. One example is the “mappae mundi” of Medieval Europe that features rich and complex illustrations According to the National Geographic, mappae mundi is not just a reference for geography; it is work of history, zoology, anthropology and theology. The Map Illustration is like a picture encyclopedia that covers all time from creation to doomsday. The original Mappa Mundi is displayed at a cathedral in Hereford, England.

Maps are very common nowadays and they are easily installed in smartphones for navigation; however, the art of creative mapmaking from the physical to the abstract and thematic still exists. Mind the Map is a book that was published recently by Gestalten to celebrate the art of contemporary cartography. The book is packed with colorful images as well as a number of interviews with creative cartographers. It also features the work of international mapmakers from those who are connected with the New York Times to independent artists that create unique representations of their towns or cities.

Some of the works that are featured in Mind the Map include abstract interpretations of locales. The city maps from Archie’s Press do not have the typical detailed labels that you will find in navigational maps. The maps have neighborhoods with their own tastes, textures and scents. It provides an intelligible and illuminating sense of place that makes a person oriented to the surroundings.

Examples of maps included in the Mind the Map include Kevin Cannon’s “The Appendix Guide to the First Thule Expedition”, Lucy Engelman’s “The Emotional States of the American Roadtrip”, James Niehue’s hand painted maps of ski trials that he has visited around the world, Alex Hotchin’s illustrated map of Istanbul, Elly Walton’s “Tour de Fromage Map” and Andres Lozano’s “A Weekend in Mallorca”.

Map illustration of your area can be created with a skillful combination of creativity and architecture. It can be crafted from a favorable vantage point to deliver a more realistic feeling from the viewpoint of a bird in the sky.

The Importance Of Working With A Trusted Real Estate Agent In Hua Hin

The Importance Of Working With A Trusted Real Estate Agent In Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a seaside resort city in Thailand that has become fashionable with Thais as a weekend getaway. Hua Hin is a perfect combination of traditional lifestyle and modernity. Because Hua Hin is developing rapidly, many investors are looking at real estate properties. It is very important to look for a Trusted Real Estate Agent in Hua Hin to make sure that you get the best deals.

How to choose the right real estate agent

Whether you are buying or selling a property in Hua Hin, it makes sense to work with a professional who will guide you through the process. An experienced real estate agent will not be intimidated by an experienced negotiator. Your real estate agent must not be scared to negotiate and should be more concerned with getting a great deal than just sealing a deal.

Today’s real estate agents do not simply place signs in the yard and enter the property into Multiple Listing Services. They do not just sit down on their air conditioned offices waiting for a client to call. Buyers have become more savvy; they search the internet for homes to buy which requires professional, magazine-quality photographs with detailed descriptions. Real estate agents should not be scared to use social media platforms like Facebook because home buyers in Hua Hin tend to look at different sources.

From the standpoint of the home buyer, a real estate agent must have a track record of closing out deals. There are real estate agents who will do anything to close a deal but do they have your best interests at heart? A professional real estate agent will not only search multiple listings for homes but will make the effort to hunt for homes that are not yet in the market. A real estate agent must always abide by the industry’s code of ethics.

To make sure that you will be working with a Trusted Real Estate Agent in Hua Hin, ask for a list of references. Make sure you know how the agent’s plans to help you find the right property in Hua Hin. If the agent responds to the initial request for information, there is a likely chance that he will provide a good service.


Want To Find A Good Real Estate Agent You Can Trust? Here’s How

Thailand – March 28, 2016 – When you plan on selling a property, you should know that the real estate industry is very complex and if you go in without prior knowledge or effective research, you’d be walking foolishly and blindly, waiting for yourself to get struck. Fortunately, you can avoid all of that when you hire a good real estate agent.

Real estate agents are there to help make the buying and selling process of their clients much easier. A real estate agent would be able to guide you throughout the whole process and even do the work for you. They would be able to find you potential buyers for your property and help you make all the right decisions.
Unfortunately, finding a reliable real estate agent can be quite difficult. So here are some tips that you can use in your search.

  1. Make a list. What you can do first is to contact your local real estate office and inquire about their top performing agents for the past year. This may not help you find a good agent that you can trust but it would be a good start. You can also ask your friends or relatives about agents they might know and trust or you could even go online for your search. What matters though is that you make a list of the agents that you think can are trustworthy and narrow them down.
  2. Interview them. It would be ideal to find a presentable, well-spoken, and intelligent agent because most of the time, these qualities are exhibited by successful real estate agents. During the interview, compare your personality with that of the agents and see who can complement you the most.
  3. Never forget to ask for references when looking for a real estate agent. The best agents will always have clients that are willing to prove their agents’ efficiency.
  4. You should probably go for a real estate agent who offers you suggestions but respects your decisions nonetheless. Oftentimes, these agents are those who know the market very well and wise enough to help you make the right decisions.
  5. Look for an agent that is an expert at the area that you are based in. It would also do you well to find an agent that has lots of connections from lawyers, inspectors and other professionals. Remember, if you have a connected agent, it would be easier to navigate through selling your property Pattaya.

Here’s How You Can Keep Your Valuables Safe While Moving

CA – March 21, 2016 – If there is one thing that is true about life, it is its unpredictability. Life is so unpredictable. Sometimes people would make decisions in their lives that they think they’ll follow through but life would then lead them elsewhere. Just like with homes. You never know what life will throw at you that would cause you to leave the house you have built and considered your home. You may move out because of better career opportunities, or because of unfortunate events such as divorce or just because you and your family wishes to move to a better and larger home. Whatever reason you may have for moving, it is important that you pack your belongings effectively so that they arrive at your new house in one piece.

Here are some tips that you can use when moving out.

  1. Find and use the right boxes. Smaller boxes are perfect for holding heavier items like books while larger boxes can effectively hold lighter items such as pillows and linens. This is because heavy smaller boxes are easier to carry than bigger ones and larger light items are easier to carry than heavier ones.
  2. Put heavy items at the base of the box and light items at the top. It would be better to pack heavier items first before you proceed onto the lighter ones.
  3. Use every space of the box. Movers don’ like to move boxes with uneven spaces so make sure that you don’t leave empty spaces.
  4. Separate items by room. Assign boxes for every room so that you don’t mix up your items. Don’t forget to label each box with their designated rooms as long as a list of the items contained inside.
  5. Tape the boxes effectively. Secure the box by effectively taping all the openings. It is preferable if you use the H-method.
  6. Consider items that would require special treatment. There are items and appliances that would require special treatment before they can be moved like TVs. Make sure you meet all the needs of these items before you move them.

The secret to successful packing is the materials used in the packaging. Make sure to buy premium packaging materials from well-known providers like

organic_skin_care tips

Organic Skin Care Tips That You Should Consider

Au – March 9, 2016 – More and more people are now turning to organic products to care for their skin. This is because organic skin care products provide numerous benefits for the skin. The best thing about these products is that they are made without the use of chemicals, synthetic ingredients, heavy metals, dyes and even carcinogenic substances.

One of the primary benefits that organic products provide is that they are safe to use because they are made from pure organic produces. Since they do not cause any harm, you can expect that they are gentle to the skin, especially for people who have very sensitive skin. Organic products also foster good skin condition. Organic products also keep skin looking healthy and young, fresh and radiant.

If you are interested in making the switch, here are 5 organic skin care tips that you should consider.

  1. When you are out looking for organic cosmetics and other related products, make sure to read the labels before buying them. Remember, organic products should be made from organic produce which is free from exposure to pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Look for products made from ingredients that were cultivated without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Look for accredited seals and avoid buying products with words that are hard to pronounce.
  2. You don’t have to immerse yourself in tons of products. In fact, it would do you well if you just follow a simple beauty regime using cleanser, toner and moisturizer as well as a sunscreen to protect your skin.
  3. Do not go for skin care products with fragrances because these products would contain phthalates which adds artificial fragrance. It is known that phthalates can trigger allergic reactions and can even damage the lungs, kidneys and even the reproductive system.
  4. Avoid petroleum by-products because these products most likely contain carcinogens that can get stuck inside the pores which would then interfere with the expulsion of toxins and chemicals.
  5. Keep a healthy lifestyle. If you truly want to have beautiful radiant skin then you must follow a nutritious diet and exercise regularly. Remember, healthy lifestyle means healthy skin.


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