range rover of the sea

A $43 Million Super Yacht Equipped With Infinity Pool And Helipad

Nothing could beat a luxurious experience like having to travel the seas on a yacht. Of course, except for a super yacht that far surpasses any other luxury ships or boats you’ve been into. This super expensive yacht made by the rich, and for the rich, comes with all the newest and most entertained features that you could ever hope for. This includes infinity pools, helipad, submarine storage and a whole lot of space for your cars and Jet Ski.

The design was courtesy of Tony Castro and the super yacht is estimated to cost $43 Million just to build it. This is equivalent to £29 Million or €40 Million. It is said that the super yacht was designed to be able to cater a navigation experience around the world. Aside from the infinity pool and other features mentioned, it also has the following extra qualities that you could indulge with:

• A fully-equipped, cozy cinema for a quality movie time during your journey.
• A wine cellar for a luxurious time any time of the day, especially in the evening.
• A gym to keep your body accustomed to exercise even though you’re in the middle of the sea.
• A sauna for a warm and relaxing time.
• A Beach club.

The Super Yacht was entitled to be ‘The Range Rover of the Seas’ and is said to reach up to 223 ft. It can house to 12 super lucky guest who will be able to indulge themselves with all the luxurious features mentioned.

The infinity pool is made for you to enjoy a dip in the water if you don’t prefer the salty water from the sea. The pool is estimated to be as deep as two decks. On the other hand, if you can’t leave the land without your loving car with you, you could most definitely bring it with you as they have plenty of space for it.

Since it was designed to be able to travel throughout the world, you could only expect that it’s made with sturdiness in mind – capable of dealing with any weather conditions that may hinder it, without compromising its luxurious and elegant look.

Since the yacht was said to have a building cost of $43 Million, it is expected that it would cost more to buy it.


China’s International Packaging Exhibit 2015

China- The International Exhibition on Packaging Products 2015 or the PACKINO 2015 will be held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex situated at Pazhou, Guangzhou, China. The said annual event will take place in March 9 to 11, 2015. This grand activity in China will feature over 10,000 square meters of exhibit area and there will be more than 200 exhibitors from around the world participating in the most anticipated event.

This event was organized by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, Shenzhen Cooperator Advertisement Co., Ltd and the Guangdong Packaging Technology Association.

The international exhibition will feature packaging products and materials. There are at least 30,000 invited guests to the affair who are business magnates in the food and beverage, beauty products and cosmetics, healthcare products, luxury goods, wines and spirits, medicine and pharmaceuticals and electronics industries.

Some renowned exhibitors at PACKINNO 2015

One of the exhibitors in the event is the Ball Asia Pacific Ltd. This company has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, USA and was founded in the year 1880. In 1985 it expanded its market reach in China. It specializes in metal packaging for soft drinks, juices, tea, beer and several dairy products. It is a well known company in the packaging that it specializes in taking up a huge chunk of the market at about 33 percent. Their product packaging is impressive in that they make embossed cans which enhance the tactile experience of the customer and their designs are also impressive.

Another leading packaging company in South China is the Guangzhou Xinlian Zhitong Industrial Limited. It manufactures plastic containers. The business market sectors that it caters to are packaging, cosmetics and beverage. This company has already been in the business for quite some time and has established strong ties with leading manufacturers and enterprises such as the CR Beverage, Bluemoon, China Resources and Fooklamoon.

The Xinle Huabao Plastic Film Co,. Ltd will also take part in the exhibit days from now. This company is a subsidiary of Hebei Huabao Plastic Machinery Joint-stock Co., Ltd and was founded in the year 1999. Its goal as a company is to introduce technological and modern day innovations in the process of manufacturing different products.


Lack Of Data On Offshore Real Estate Investments

A meeting with HomeUnion Investment revealed that in Canada, there is still no fixed data regarding the number of foreign investors in real estate. Though it has been determined that around 2.3 per cent of the condominiums in Vancouver are under foreign investors, the number of Canadian homes owned by offshore accounts is still unknown because of the lack of data. It is the opinion of real estate experts that the policy makers should be aware of the exact numbers of foreign investors and their properties to be able to make sure that the country’s status when it comes to real estate remains stable.

In Vancouver, the topic of foreign investment has been a sensitive issue especially with residents who are burdened with the continued rise of the prices of houses that are listed in the market. These continued increase in demand makes it more attractive for foreigners to invest their money in the country. Many are also worried especially in the event that the prices of the houses in the market starts to go south and the offshore investors decide to pull out their money and this could make the housing situation in Canada far worse than it is now.

It was recently suggested by Greg Robertson, the Mayor of Vancouver to Christy Clark, the B.C. Premier, that a speculation tax should be imposed on investors who are investing on Canadian homes and luxurious properties. The suggestion was not approved by Clark.

The issue of the continued rise of real estate properties and the interest of foreign investors has been denied by the B.C. Real Estate Association. Furthermore, they clarified that the continued increase in prices is due to the restricted geography of the city and the limited amount of detached homes available in the market.

According to the chief economist of the B.C. Real Estate Association, Cameron Muir, hard data is not easily gathered thus the lack thereof. The government is currently not collecting the data as well thus there is no initiative for collection. The issue regarding the data on offshore investment was tackled after there was an uproar regarding the issue on affordability crisis in Vancouver and has created spark even in the social media platform Twitter.


Questions You Should Be Asking Before Building A Fence

Building fences can be an easy task as you can either opt to build the fences yourself or hire professional fence fitters. Hertfordshire is known to house the best fence fitters in England but before you go on hiring such professionals, you would need to raise a few questions for yourself and the people around you. When it comes to security, people can definitely rely on a good fencing. Fences could mean all kinds of things such as independence, war and most especially safety.

The answer will be no. Although you do not need their approval, you should also be responsible and courteous enough to share with them some important details about your fencing plans as well as asking them for some inputs. If they have some requests about your fencing, then you should oblige to them as long as it is within your ability to do so.

If you are building a fence, you should always know the extent of your property. This is important so that you do not overstep your boundaries and take up some space from your neighbors. You can determine your exact property line by hiring a licensed surveyor.

Yes you do. You would have to obtain a permit from the local government before you could build a fence. In some localities, ordinances have been setup to limit the height of a fence. Petitions would have to be made if the homeowner wants to raise their fences higher.


The fence owner is the one responsible for maintaining and providing repairs to the fence should it be needed.

If this happens, whether it is intentional or an accident, you would be entitled to compensation from your neighbors. Know that you should always address this in a courteous manner but in the case that your neighbor refuses, or is persistent in damaging your fence, you could always seek out the help of the authorities.


How Ugly Christmas Sweaters Helped Those In Need Last Christmas Season

Ugly Christmas Sweater were not very much loved back then, but as people viewed them with a different perspective, this ‘ugly’ looking garments, showed the benevolent spirit of the Christmas season that surpassed any other which tried to relay the delightful meaning of the mentioned season. It relayed the ‘fun’ and ‘joyful’ side of Christmas with its outstanding, overly designed fabric topped with vibrant colors that brings a breather to anyone who sees it. With a bit of help from people, these garments have also been able to show the true meaning of Christmas which is ‘helping and sharing to those who are in need’.

Last Christmas season, the craze for the Ugly Christmas Sweaters raise through the roof and these were seen by others as a way to help other people. The Organization that did this was the Northern Kentucky group. They initiated the event where they sold UCS. The funds that are accumulated from the sales were used to supply food to those who are in need in the overseas and Tri-state area during the last holidays.

They were also hand-in-hand with ‘Master Provision’. This is a major supplier of foods and clothing for those who are in need. From donations they have gathered, they were able to hold their Ugly Christmas Sweater sale last December 11 and 12, which started from 9 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon. The event was also held on the Warehouse of Master Provisions.

Master Provisions also claimed that the sale they have done are only one of the few activities they hold in order to help the needy. Weekly, they are able to feed thousands of people by donating more than hundred thousand pounds of foods which they distribute to different organizations in different areas. Master Provisions, a non-profit agency, also extends help to other countries by deploying their people there – Africa, Ukraine and even in Honduras.

They help people in different situations. They provide foods and clothes to those who need them while they also help place orphans to families which they successfully did in Ukraine as well.


Ribbons Used To Raise Awareness For The Persecuted

There is no end to what ribbons can be used for. First and foremost, they can be used as a form of decorative material. During special events, ribbons can be used to decorate all kinds of items. They can be used to enhance presents and gifts during special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. Ribbons can also have a symbolic purpose. Ribbons can be used to express a cause or pay tribute to various people and events.

Just recently, two individuals from the West Side Christian Church have made use of orange-colored ribbons in order to symbolize the prisoners being held by the terrorist group, ISIS.

It is no secret that the ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is keeping a wide number of prisoners. Not only that, they are also killing and torturing their captives while trying to force their ideals on them or use them to spread terror to a wide coverage of people. Rape, torture, massacre, there is no doubt that wherever ISIS goes, people are bound to get raped, captured, killed and tortured.

ISIS primarily targets Christians and it would seem that the West Side Christian Church would not stand for that. They have teamed up with many other churches like the United Methodist Church, First Presbyterian, Assumption Catholic Church, First Christian Church and number of other churches to join them in their cause.
They are providing orange-colored ribbons to be worn in order to help raise awareness for the prisoners of ISIS. If you wear one these ribbons, you are automatically declaring three things.

First, you will be declaring and testifying that you are a Christian. Second, the wearer of the ribbon believes that this is still a Christian nation. Last but not the least; you are standing up for all those people who are being persecuted for being a Christian.

According to Dottie Wiley from the West Side Christian Church, about 300 ribbons were already been given away to various people. Organizers have pledged to wear the ribbons especially on Sundays so that everyone will be able to notice and join in their cause.


Experts Reveal Which Cardio Machine Burns More Calories

Cardio machines were built so that many people would be able to work-out and burn off calories without having to leave the safety and comfort of their own houses. There are many kinds of cardio machines but today, the most prominent would have to the treadmill and the elliptical. Both of these machines are fully capable in helping people and they come in many brands. There are many websites who offer elliptical and treadmill reviews to check which one is most promising.
But no matter what brand these machines are, both of them are subjects of a debate over which one can burn more calories and help people.

American College of Sports Medicine’s Dr. Henry Williford said in an interview that both of these cardio machines have upsides and downsides. He described treadmills as more possible for running while the elliptical is better for those people who prefer non-impact training.

Dr. Williford also added that for those people who are currently training for a 5K run, then treadmill is definitely the best choice for them because it offers the same thing. But for people like his brother, who are unable to run due to certain reasons, the elliptical is best suited for them because there is no impact.
Truthfully, treadmills are more popular and people tend to choose them more than elliptical machines. But in the recent years, elliptical machines have grown in popularity. There are many advantages and disadvantages when using the treadmill and the elliptical.

Older people would benefit more from using an elliptical than a treadmill because of the little impact it offers but for seasoned runners, it is better for them to use a treadmill because it offers the same quality of exercise that one can get by running.

Although it can be believed that treadmills can burn more calories, in truth, it all depends on the workout routine that one follows. Even when they use an elliptical, they can still get a full body workout while avoiding injury by switching up the routines.

Both of these methods will help people burn calories through workout.


New York-Based Online Real Estate Brokerage Gets New Name And A Texas Problem

In the online world, every startup would need a great name that they can market themselves with. Unfortunately, the difficult part is finding startup business names that are not yet owned by another company.

This is the case with a New York-based startup real estate brokerage that has been known up till now as Suitey. They have spent five whole months trying to come up with a new name that can further enhance their business and the reason being their current names is hard to spell and hard to pronounce.

Sometime later, they were finally able to find a name that is suitable to their craft and can be remembered easily. They have gone with the name TripleMint, which can also be referred to as a real estate term that is used to describe an apartment wherein the living, kitchen and lavatory sections are at an immaculate condition.

The company has garnered over $1.65 million from various investors, most notable are the Winklevoss Twins who are famous for their accusations regarding how Facebook stole their ideas. And with the name that they have chosen, the real estate brokerage will finally be able to reflect their technology-powered side of their business.

Unfortunately, there seems have been a certain issue with their chosen name: it is already owned by another company.

David Walker, the 26-year old co founder of the brokerage, said that after they have chosen the name and had picked the logo and everything, only then had they realized that there was already a Triple Mint Real Estate in Texas.

Triple Mint Real Estate is a small-time real estate in Austin, Texas. They operate within Austin and the surrounding areas.

Walker and co-founder Philip Lang said that they were aware that there was a Triple Mint in Texas but they did not think that it would be an issue.

Jeannie DeFrese, the owner of the Texas-based Triple Mint Real Estate, said that she would have appreciated it if Walker and Lang had given her a phone call. She says that there is no problem with her if there is another company in New York that uses the same name but if Walker and Lang aims to expand nationally, it might not be a great idea.

Luckily for Walker and Lang, filing a lawsuit is not part of DeFrese’s plans this week.


Kiev Welcomed Thousands Of Witches And Psychics

According to a local media on Kiev, it was already expected that more than 2,000 psychics, witches, warlocks and shamans are going to visit in an attempt to bring peace to the country of Ukraine with the help of magic.

It was the eve of 1st of May when the mass ritual was held. In Kiev, the first of May has always been considered as a day link to witchcraft and also recognized internationally by those believers of Paganism.

The mass ritual happened on Mikhailovsky Square wherein two cathedrals act as a border. According to Sergei “Sabirius” Grechishkin who is a shaman and the organizer of the said event, the place is also considered in Kiev and the entire Ukraine as a heart and center of spirituality.

The ritual followed the lead of the 13 masters who are included in the first circle – a vote of confidence was expressed by Grechishkin regarding the 13 masters. Grechishkin also revealed that the planned participants of the event were not only those who possess any paranormal capabilities but also those descendants that possess a kind heart.

The event that happened on the square aimed to the higher powers through their combined appeal. It also aims to awaken those people who are in the midst of hate and anger and save those who are trapped in the terrible events.
The planned ritual that took place was something the Kiev officials are not informed beforehand.

According to Father Ivan, St. Mikhail Monastery’s deacon, he was also unaware of the planned ritual and believes there is nothing wrong for people who wanted to pray for peace to descend on Ukraine. For Father Ivan, the right venue to pray for peace is inside the church and people must not forget that God is not the only force working around them but the devil as well who is capable of using psychics, witches, warlocks and shamans and make it appear as if they are doing something good when the truth is dark powers are being utilized.

Back in 1993, an incident happened in St. Sophia Cathedral during a planned group prayer where the White Brotherhood and all of its members have the desire to host there and then burn it to the ground. It was not pushed through after the police intervened and arrested them.

Why Renters are Not Into Home Buying

Why Renters are Not Into Home Buying

Are you currently renting a house? The living room may not be that spacious, you might want to add some additional rooms and recreate the patio. However, all these additions and renovations will not certainly be yours. Perhaps you might want to start thinking owning your own house. Do you want to buy one or are you one of the thousands of renters who opt to rent than to buy a house?

While rents are soaring high and mortgage rates are low, renters seem to care less and they do not budge on the idea of owning a home. This was what analysts reported from the Zillow real estate company. Even if homeownership could save renters money fast in a span of two years, they still opt with renting homes.

In a calculation made by Zillow, home buyers will be paying less after two years. The calculation included costs associated with renting and buying homes. Particularly, it included upfront payments, monthly rent payments, closing costs, utilities, insurance, taxes and costs of renovation.

If people were to base their decision in buying homes on simple math, then there will be millions of home buyers swarming the market. However, there are also other factors that need to be considered. First is commitment. Owning your house is a commitment every day. You also need to factor in the buyer’s preferences, family factors, flexibility and financial constraints.

In a separate survey done by Fannie Mae, it showed that buyers are less inclined to buy a house if they will be moving to another location. Perhaps one reason that can be attributed to this attitude is less confidence in their financial situation. In a recent publication by the US Labor department, there is a slow growth when it comes to pay raise.

Younger renters on the other hand are the group that is likely to buy a new home. However, they are also struggling to get a down payment while juggling with rental and student loan. Of the respondents surveyed by Zillow, 16 percent said that their financial capacity cannot qualify for the loan and another 13 percent said that they have no money for down payment.

Protecting Electricians

Protecting Electricians

Electricians daily risk their lives to hazards and danger as they repair, install and maintain the electrical power in different buildings and establishments.

Every day the electricians are exposed to trips and falls, slips, exposure to dust and vibration and high powered voltages. They are also exposed to the dangers of the equipments and machineries that they are dealing. To add, they are also constantly at risk to burns, electrical shocks and they are exposed to dangerous substances such as asbestos.

In order to minimize the risks, the legislative body in United Kingdom has stipulated a new ruling that obligates employers to provide their electricians with a safe environment to work on. This includes taking preventive steps to prevent the risk of danger and injury. Encompassed in this legislation is providing top-to-toe protection which includes giving employees eye wear, bump caps, gloves and masks.

The Dickies is manufacturing company that makes high performance work wear that is suited even in the most unforgiving work conditions. They employ the latest development in manufacturing techniques of high quality fabrics.

One of their newly introduced products this 2015 is the Eisenhower premium trouser. It has a mix of fabrics, cordura and rip stop which further makes the fabric more durable. The design has pocket details. The fit of the trouser is designed in a way that the person wearing it can move comfortably.

This new trouser introduced to the market has a unique style of cordura trims and kneepads. The kneepads look good on the whole suit and gives maximum protection to the wearer. The seams are stitched thrice in order to provide extra strength especially in areas that always undergo stress.

Last year, the company introduced to the market an ESD trainer, the Alford trainer. This is suitable for employees in the industry of electronics. The footwear of ESD provides a controlled way of discharging the static electricity accumulated in the worker’s body.

Among the protective gears that Dickies offer in the market is the personal protective equipment (PPE). The personal protective equipment includes the following items: goggles, gloves, knee pads, bump caps, safety helmet, safety spectacles, ear plugs, visor kits, safety footwear and respirators.

North Whitely Proposals Still Accepting Opinions From Residents

North Whitely Proposals: Still Accepting Opinions From Residents

Hampshire is soon to be hosting its brand new community called North Whiteley which is expected to house 3,500 homes. Residents are given the chance to register and share their opinion regarding the proposal and only a week left to do it. The project is a joint effort of the local community as well as the Council from Winchester City.

The soon to be residential project is going to showcase a green space about 50 hectares with three schools and infrastructures that will surely improve the way pedestrian and cyclers move around.

After the approval is given to the design of the project, demolition of current buildings on site will start and the new homes will be built there.

Terence O’Rourke’s technical director, Adrian Barker, shared that he feels positive about the North Whiteley’s future community. It is their aim to make sure that current residents of the existing Whiteley will have a connection to the ones in the north.

Barker also revealed their focus on the detail and how they have been working with Winchester City Council for the past few years in order to make sure everything is set in motion according to the needs and wants of the locals.

One of the major issues that were opened up by the current residents is the provision on education and it has been a known concern in Whiteley for years now.

The connection of the road going to the north was also raised and residents want to make sure it is included in the primary stage of the project.

If this goes without hitch, the project will be located just a few miles from Welborne, the project that received some controversy and is handled by the Fareham Borough Council.

The development which is expected to create 6,000 homes has received some protests after its proposition but Sean Woodward, the leader of the Fareham Council, gave some assurances that there are still green areas that is going to be saved despite the project.

The Curdridge Parish Council’s chair, Kevan Bundell, is also expressing the same concerns especially with the traffic it will cause and the disruption of the wildlife.

Dubbed Brony King MA Larson Visits Hometown of Burnsville

Dubbed Brony King, M.A. Larson Visits Hometown of Burnsville

Burnsville, Minnesota — February 25, 2015 — M.A. Larson first left his hometown of Burnsville in Minnesota after high school. He had ventured into the totally different world of New York where he found employment with what he loves to do the most, writing.

Although the writing jobs mostly composed of writing episodes for ‘SpongeBob Squarepants,’ Larson wrote with a fierce creativity, a sense of parody, and a certain kind of confidence with knowing to be cool in school.

M.A. Larson is a certified Brony. In fact, he was named the king of the Bronies by global media company, Vice, due to his legendary skills with writing among the Bronies.

Bronies are typically the adult male fans of the My Little Pony franchise, specifically the reboot MLP: Friendship is Magic. When asked what’s up with the Bronies, Larson burst into laughter.

Then he excitedly answered that he doesn’t exactly know what the Bronies are but if he would be to guess, they, along with him, are those who grew up in a world where the media emphasizes the violence and cruelties of the world and that the cynicism and skepticism have rubbed off on these men making them reluctant to watch the series at first but when they did, they actually thought it was good and a few more episodes later, they were hooked.

He says that he has gone to lots of conventions and that the experience can be described as a bunch of friends getting together for a similar love for a cartoon.

Larson, who prefers to be called M.A. “Call me Mitch” Larson, has been battling against the cynicism of the world with ponies as allies. But now, he is also busy as a successful writer.

He gained critical acclaim for his sincere novel “Pennyroyal Academy” which the New York Times described as ridiculously compelling.

Larson is set to go back to his hometown of Burnsville and on a book signing in Burnhaven Library; he will be talking about his novel.

Pennyroyal Academy is about a princess named Evie who goes to an academy where they train princesses and knights to fight witches and all kinds of evil.

Colorado Construction Defects Bill Moving Up The Senate

Colorado Construction Defects Bill Moving Up The Senate

In Colorado, a bill was passed to change the current construction defect law of the state. It means a builder of condominiums will not be easily sued in case of any defects in the construction of such condominiums. With this bill is the positive belief that there will be more affordable condominiums statewide.

The bill has now jumped over the first hurdle which was presented to the Colorado Legislature.

The bill also covers any construction defects in single and multifamily houses. In case of a lawsuit, the homeowner’s association would need to hire a mediator and majority members of the group must sign a written consent before they could sue the builder.

Accoding to Senator Jesse Ulibarri, housing is suffering not only in Colorado’s Metro Area but statewide. The housing market is getting fewer buyers from various groups of people such as retirees, middle class families and millennials because of the lack of affordable options such as condos in Colorado. Ulibarri also revealed that the bill’s proposal is geared towards settling any issues in a much easier way and by doing so homeowners would know the potential defects before they commit to buying.

Supporters of the bill are positive that this will have a positive effect on people’s hope of having a more affordable condo and a boost in the construction as a result.

The construction defects bill requires mediation in order for a dispute to be given attention legally. From there the dispute may be pursued as long as the majority of the members of the homeowner’s association are onboard. There are provisions stated on the bill which covers the information that may be disclosed on the members regarding the defects and the process it will involve for the issue to be resolved. It also clearly states that any contract between the homeowner’s association and the builder is fixed and may not be rewritten in any way.

The Senate committee approved the bill with 6-2. Some of the sponsors of the said bill are bipartisan and once it reached the Republican Senate, they have a positive outlook on the result.

The same cannot be said on the Democratic House where its leaders are not in sync with the measure. They think the bill will give developers and builders the upperhand.

Art Class Is Divided And Competes In Designing A Website For Two Non-Profit Organizations

Art Class Is Divided And Competes In Designing A Website For Two Non-Profit Organizations

Learning is better done through experience, hence the saying “experience is the best teacher.” The same thing goes with web design. Before one can become a web designer, he or she must have the knowledge and skills that are needed for web design. But what better way is there to acquire the knowledge and the skills than experiencing it in a classroom setting?

Just recently, the people at Perth Web Design had shared with us information regarding a recently concluded competition at a certain art class in the University of Arizona. Through their referral, we were able to find out what the competition was all about and why it was launched.

In the University of Arizona in the U.S., two groups of web design students had recently collaborated with professional web designers so that they would be able to build a website made specifically for two non-profit organizations. These two groups were pitted with each other to create a website that will serve as the company’s main website.

Chase Family Foundation and Pagnozzi Charities were the lucky organizations that were chosen by the web design company, Rockfish, as the two non-profit organizations that Professor Thomas Hapgood’s students will create a website for.

Professor Hapgood had said that both parties will benefit from the competition because the client will get to receive a free website while his students can use it for their class portfolio. He says that the experience will be good for the students.

Hapgood has been reaching out to non-profit organizations for 10 years now but now he has decided that it would be good experience for his students to work with Rockfish and Haden Interactive.

What he did was to divide the class into two groups and gave them one nonprofit each. They will be required to design a website which will have the chance to be chosen website to serve as the company’s official site.

Each organization would need to have logos, colors and content that the students will be limited to. They say that it may be a challenge but regardless of the winner, what’s important is that the students go through the experience together.

If you wish to get more news like this, you can visit Perth Web Design through their website, perth-web-design.com.au.


Inside The ISIS Capital

The militant group ISIS claimed that Raqqa, a city in Syria is the capital of their caliphate. One Syrian said in an interview that getting inside the compounds of the city is not a problem but getting out is.

Life inside Raqqa

Raqqa used to be known as one of Syria’s most liberated city. Today, people inside the city are living in grips of fear. Continues air strikes and bombings happen on a daily basis. ISIS commandos and fighters are ruthlessly treating the inhabitants of the city.

According to a resident of the city which was interviewed by CNN, dozens of executions happened inside the city. Within two months there were at least 40 people that were killed. The charges range from taking part in the Free Syrian Army, being gay, or being an activist. Punishment by death is immediately perpetuated to those found guilty.
There is a constant forced blood donation among the inhabitants of the city. If you are charged with a crime, brought to a court, there is a greater chance that you will end up in a hospital donating your blood to wounded ISIS fighters. People are forced to donate their blood and bring back the receipt to the high court.

Perhaps women suffer the most inside Raqqa. For women living in the city, it is like a bog prison cell for them. Girls who are below 45 years old are not allowed to momentarily or permanently leave the city. There are at least 270 Syrian girls documented who were forced into marrying ISIS fighters. The militants take two or three wives for them and even find some Yazidi girls for slaves.

Infrastructures inside the city get a face lift thru paintings of bright colors. In the Raqqa square where most executions were made, the buildings were repainted with vibrant colors. Activists in the area said that the terror group does this so that the buildings will not become a target of airstrikes. When the ISIS fighters first came into the city, they painted all of the building black but later changed the coating to pink, gold, white and green paint.

Military Ceremony in Gaza

Hamas Designated As A Terrorist Group By Egyptian Court

Cairo, Egypt- A court in Egypt has recently ruled that Hamas is to be considered a terrorist organization. Hamas is an Islamic group that resides mostly in the Gaza strip. The group was already at a bad relationship with the Egyptian government when the former president of the country, Mohammed Morsy, was ousted from office in a coup last 2013. The change in leadership angered the group which made them launch several attacks and protests in Egypt.
The Egyptian former president was a devout member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamist political organization and it has a deep bond with the Hamas organization. When Morsy was kicked out of office in the summer of 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood was labeled as a terrorist group several months later.

Egypt as a mediator between Israel and Pakistan

Hamas leaders and members condemned the decision made by the Egyptian court. The spokesperson for the terror organization said that the decision was not foreseen and one that is dangerous targeting the people of Palestine. He further stated that Egypt’s judgment will deeply hurt the reputation of Egypt.

Egypt has been a neutral nation to the bickering between Israel and Palestine. For years it has played a very important role in the peace negotiations between the warring parties. Egypt’s reputation was that one that is impartial. With the new high court ruling, this will surely create a new turn for the mediator role of Egypt.
The Egyptian court that made the ruling is the Urgent Matters Court. The court decision was based on evidences that Hamas supported insurgents and have series of attacks in the Sinai Peninsula. This region has been under hostility for recently.

On another note, the armed wing of the terror group, al Qassam Brigades, was also ruled as a terrorist group by Egypt’s Urgent Matters Court last month.


Hamas is an organization founded in Palestine. It is a Palestinian Islamic group but has been designated by several countries to be a terrorist group. Among the countries that expressed blatant comments that the group is terroristic as evidenced by their activities are the United States, Australia, Japan, Israel, United Kingdom and Canada. In Jordan, the government prohibits the entry of Hamas members. In other countries such as China, Iran, Qatar and Turkey, the organization is not perceived as a terrorist organization.