T-shirts with Vladimir Putin’s Image A Hit In Russian Market

August of last year, several hundred of people in Moscow gathered and patiently waited for their turn to buy t-shirt with Vladimir Putin’s picture on it. The political figure is widely celebrated in Russia. The Russians could choose from t-shirts with a print of the Russian president on a horse or a picture of the president wearing sunglasses. The manufacturer of the t-shirts reported more than 7,000 sold in a day.

Who is Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on October 7, 1952. Currently he serves as the 4th president of Russia. He assumed presidency since May 2012. His previous political stint includes President of Russia from the year 2000 to 2008, Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 and was elected back to the position from the year 2008 to 2012. In the year 2012 he also served as the chairman of the ruling party of Russia, United Russia.

Before entering the political arena, Vladimir Putin served as an officer for 16 years in the KGB. When he retired from the elite organization he was the Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB. In 1991, he entered politics in his home town Saint Petersburg and consequently moved to Moscow in the year 1996. He joined the party and administration of then President Boris Yeltsin. When President Yeltsin resigned unexpectedly, he quickly rose to power and became acting president. In the year 2000 he ran for the presidential election and won. He was accused then of rigging the election ballots but despite the controversies he ran again in 2004 and won the same office.

Russia’s constitution had term limits for political officers. Thus Putin was not eligible to run for presidency the third time in 2008. His comrade Dmitry Medvedev won the presidential election on 2008 and subsequently appointed Putin as Prime Minister of the country. In the last quarter of 2011, there was a constitutional change in Russia extending the term for presidents from four years to six years. This gave Putin the opportunity to run once again for presidency in the 2012 elections. When he announced his candidacy, a lot of protesters marched down the Russian streets to oppose the leader’s decision. Putin was unstoppable and he ran for president and won.


Lack Of Data On Offshore Real Estate Investments

A meeting with HomeUnion Investment revealed that in Canada, there is still no fixed data regarding the number of foreign investors in real estate. Though it has been determined that around 2.3 per cent of the condominiums in Vancouver are under foreign investors, the number of Canadian homes owned by offshore accounts is still unknown because of the lack of data. It is the opinion of real estate experts that the policy makers should be aware of the exact numbers of foreign investors and their properties to be able to make sure that the country’s status when it comes to real estate remains stable.

In Vancouver, the topic of foreign investment has been a sensitive issue especially with residents who are burdened with the continued rise of the prices of houses that are listed in the market. These continued increase in demand makes it more attractive for foreigners to invest their money in the country. Many are also worried especially in the event that the prices of the houses in the market starts to go south and the offshore investors decide to pull out their money and this could make the housing situation in Canada far worse than it is now.

It was recently suggested by Greg Robertson, the Mayor of Vancouver to Christy Clark, the B.C. Premier, that a speculation tax should be imposed on investors who are investing on Canadian homes and luxurious properties. The suggestion was not approved by Clark.

The issue of the continued rise of real estate properties and the interest of foreign investors has been denied by the B.C. Real Estate Association. Furthermore, they clarified that the continued increase in prices is due to the restricted geography of the city and the limited amount of detached homes available in the market.

According to the chief economist of the B.C. Real Estate Association, Cameron Muir, hard data is not easily gathered thus the lack thereof. The government is currently not collecting the data as well thus there is no initiative for collection. The issue regarding the data on offshore investment was tackled after there was an uproar regarding the issue on affordability crisis in Vancouver and has created spark even in the social media platform Twitter.


How Ugly Christmas Sweaters Helped Those In Need Last Christmas Season

Ugly Christmas Sweater were not very much loved back then, but as people viewed them with a different perspective, this ‘ugly’ looking garments, showed the benevolent spirit of the Christmas season that surpassed any other which tried to relay the delightful meaning of the mentioned season. It relayed the ‘fun’ and ‘joyful’ side of Christmas with its outstanding, overly designed fabric topped with vibrant colors that brings a breather to anyone who sees it. With a bit of help from people, these garments have also been able to show the true meaning of Christmas which is ‘helping and sharing to those who are in need’.

Last Christmas season, the craze for the Ugly Christmas Sweaters raise through the roof and these were seen by others as a way to help other people. The Organization that did this was the Northern Kentucky group. They initiated the event where they sold UCS. The funds that are accumulated from the sales were used to supply food to those who are in need in the overseas and Tri-state area during the last holidays.

They were also hand-in-hand with ‘Master Provision’. This is a major supplier of foods and clothing for those who are in need. From donations they have gathered, they were able to hold their Ugly Christmas Sweater sale last December 11 and 12, which started from 9 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon. The event was also held on the Warehouse of Master Provisions.

Master Provisions also claimed that the sale they have done are only one of the few activities they hold in order to help the needy. Weekly, they are able to feed thousands of people by donating more than hundred thousand pounds of foods which they distribute to different organizations in different areas. Master Provisions, a non-profit agency, also extends help to other countries by deploying their people there – Africa, Ukraine and even in Honduras.

They help people in different situations. They provide foods and clothes to those who need them while they also help place orphans to families which they successfully did in Ukraine as well.

range rover of the sea

A $43 Million Super Yacht Equipped With Infinity Pool And Helipad

Nothing could beat a luxurious experience like having to travel the seas on a yacht. Of course, except for a super yacht that far surpasses any other luxury ships or boats you’ve been into. This super expensive yacht made by the rich, and for the rich, comes with all the newest and most entertained features that you could ever hope for. This includes infinity pools, helipad, submarine storage and a whole lot of space for your cars and Jet Ski.

The design was courtesy of Tony Castro and the super yacht is estimated to cost $43 Million just to build it. This is equivalent to £29 Million or €40 Million. It is said that the super yacht was designed to be able to cater a navigation experience around the world. Aside from the infinity pool and other features mentioned, it also has the following extra qualities that you could indulge with:

• A fully-equipped, cozy cinema for a quality movie time during your journey.
• A wine cellar for a luxurious time any time of the day, especially in the evening.
• A gym to keep your body accustomed to exercise even though you’re in the middle of the sea.
• A sauna for a warm and relaxing time.
• A Beach club.

The Super Yacht was entitled to be ‘The Range Rover of the Seas’ and is said to reach up to 223 ft. It can house to 12 super lucky guest who will be able to indulge themselves with all the luxurious features mentioned.

The infinity pool is made for you to enjoy a dip in the water if you don’t prefer the salty water from the sea. The pool is estimated to be as deep as two decks. On the other hand, if you can’t leave the land without your loving car with you, you could most definitely bring it with you as they have plenty of space for it.

Since it was designed to be able to travel throughout the world, you could only expect that it’s made with sturdiness in mind – capable of dealing with any weather conditions that may hinder it, without compromising its luxurious and elegant look.

Since the yacht was said to have a building cost of $43 Million, it is expected that it would cost more to buy it.


New Emirates Flights To Phuket, Thailand

Owners of Phuket Villas are earning much from their investments as more and more tourists are coming over to Phuket, Thailand, looking for a good place to unwind. The number of tourists who will be arriving in the country is also expected to increase as Emirates will now operate four new weekly flights from Dubai to Phuket. The operation will start on December 1, 2015.

The capacity of passengers into Thailand is now significantly increased to 57 percent with the introduction of the four new flights. These new flights will encourage connectivity from different cities in America and it will likewise improve the connections for a number of destinations in the Middle East and Europe where Emirates planes currently flies on more than 50 cities.

Phuket success story

According to the executive vice president of Emirates, Thierry Antinori, the Emirates’ presence in Phuket since 2012 has been a very successful launch for the company. Today, the demand of a flight to Phuket has significantly increased and the desirability of the place for international tourists has also grown in leaps; thus the management’s decision to increase the number of flights to Phuket.

The vice president added that the four new flights to Phuket is perfectly timed to maximize the connections across their network and also allow morning arrival in the tourist destination in order to give travelers ample time to enjoy the scenic island and explore the place.

Phuket also serves as the gateway in making it to the southern part of Thailand. A travel to Phuket first will make it easier for tourists to expand their travels all the way to Phang-nga, Khao Lak, Koh Lipe, Krbi as well as Trang.

Phuket- a dream place

Phuket has become increasingly popular because of its abundance in white sandy beaches and it also offers easy access to a world class diving Andaman sea. Phuket was graced by at least 6 million visitors during the first five months this year.

The Emirates will be operating their new weekly flights to Phuket with their Boeing 777-300ER and will offer 8 seats in first class, 42 seats for the business class section and 310 seats for the economy class.


Digital Advertising A Front Runner In The Media Category Next Year

Digital marketing is often called internet marketing or internet advertising. In this type of marketing, businesses make use of internet technologies in promoting advertisements to potential customers. More and more companies are engaged in digital advertising. Digital Monopoly Pty Ltd is one of these companies which is headed by Oliver Wood Perth, Australia. The services of digital advertising include promotional messages and advertisements which are delivered through the social media websites, email, online advertising on internet search engines as well as banner ads on websites and similar affiliate programs.

In 2016, digital advertising is predicted to surge to the No.1 spot in the media category. This is according to comScore report which was released last week to CNBC.

The revenue for digital advertising totaled $49.5 billion last year which is up by 16 percent from 2013. During the first quarter of this year, the industry had $13.3 billion in profit. This amount is also a rise of 16% from last quarter of 2014. Accordingly, digital advertising is now equal to at least 80 percent of television advertisement spending and is forecasted to even surpass the television ads next year. Though this news might somehow be negative for TV ad publishers, they still are not losing hope. According to experts, there is no concrete evidence yet that TV advertisement is dropping.

The CEO of comScore said that he was impressed with the market share of Facebook on the digital industry ads. Last week, the company reported that the daily users during the second quarter came at about 968 million. The figure bested the expectations of Wall Street which is only about 960 million.

According to the chief operating officer of the social network, people are now spending more time using their mobile gadgets and on Facebook applications. Facebook gets more than one in every five minutes that is spent on mobile devices in the US.

It will really be very interesting to know what will happen with Facebook in the future as it monetizes the video feeds on the website. Many experts think that tremendous opportunities are pouring in for this social media giant.


Here Are Some Terminologies You Should Know To Better Understand Security Systems

CA – September 14, 2015 – So you have just decided to maximize your home security by getting a home alarm system; the problem is you are still unfamiliar with most of the terminologies used in the world of security systems. In order for you to understand them better, here are some of the most common terminologies you may come across during your search for the right security system.

  1. Two-Way Voice. A two way voice will enable you to speak to a security representative via the control panel. This is most effective when there are emergencies that need to be handled but you are too busy to do everything.
  2. 24Hour Monitoring. Just like what the name suggests, 24 hour monitoring will allow the system to provide monitoring services all throughout a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.
  3. Cellular Monitoring. If there is a 24 hour monitoring, there is also a cellular monitoring. This means that the security system is completely wire-less and can contact a monitoring center with the use of a cellular uplink. This is in contrast to the broadband or internet connections which would need wires and lines.
  4. DIY Installation. You may probably be familiar with this term. DIY (or do-it-yourself) installation allows you to conduct the installation of the security system yourself. This would enable you to save up on some costs.
  5. Warranty. Another common term. When you purchase a security system, make sure all the equipment comes with a warranty so that you can have them fixed or replaced in case there are defectives.
  6. Home Automation. This refers to how you can use your smartphone to access the features of your home that extends way beyond security. This would include the locks, lights, heat and even some smaller appliances.
  7. Smoke, Freeze, Glass Break and Heat Sensors. Individual sensors that specialize in the detection of smoke, freeze, heat and even the breaking of glass such as those of windows.

These are only some of the terminologies you may encounter when you look for a security system for your home. Lastly, make sure to purchase from a reliable company like iHome Alarm Systems so that you are sure to provide the best security for your home.


The Convenience Of Booking A Limo Through My Limo Ride App

Hiring a limo from Bellagio Limousines will make you feel like you are a celebrity or a wealthy oil tycoon. Contrary to the assumption of many people, riding a limo is not really splurging because a stretch limo can comfortably sit from 6 to 11 people. It also has the added bonus of being driven by a professional and friendly chauffeur. Limousines are also stronger vehicles that are capable of absorbing impact.

How to choose the kind of limo you want

Sarbjit Nagra has been in the local limousine business for 10 years. He owns Destiny Limousines and he is one of the directors of BC Limousine Association. Recently, Nagra took part in an online technology company that focuses on building websites and creating apps. Nagra thought that an app would help the limousine industry by making it easier and more efficient for customers to rent one.
Nagra came up with the idea after researching the apps used by various companies like Uber. It took the IT Company about 8 months to complete the limo app and since then there has been a lot of demand for a similar app for towing companies so that they too can take advantage of the convenience of the app.

The “My Limo Ride” app was born out of Nagra’s tenaciousness in getting things done. The app can now be downloaded on any mobile device. All that you need to do is to log in and request the kind of limo you want to rent. The app will show the estimated cost and arrival time. There is an added service of being able to track you ride and the option to rate the driver after the trip is done.

The app makes it very easy for customers to choose the kind of limo they want to hire for transport. The objective of developing the app is for convenience and choice and the customer can easily pick from a sedan to a stretch limousine, an SUV or a limo bus. Once the customer has made the request, a message goes to the nearest driver who contacts the customer. Booking a limo has never been this easy.


Supporting The Luxury Cottage Industry

Luxury cottages are now sought after these days and the industry has been reported to be doing well. You can enjoy similar facilities that are in five star hotels in luxury cottages. Most of these luxury cottages offer their customers with spa as well as heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools. They also offer an array of various facilities for the enjoyment of the kids. You can let the kids let loose in play cabins while the adults can chill in game rooms that are equipped with table tennis, snooker and table football facilities.

Holiday Cottage of Your Choice

A Holiday cottage that has making noise lately is the Cheltenham cottage. A one week stay at the Cheltenham cottage good for four people is worth 1,920 pounds. This cottage is situated at eh Kingston Estate Cottages. There are nine cottages in this estate which are beautifully clustered together with an 18th century cobbled theme courtyard. This is the perfect spot to take advantage of the scenic South Hams, an area with an outstanding natural beauty.

From the cottage location, you can make your way to the Blackpool Sands which is just an easy drive away as well as the beautiful riverside town of the Dartmouth area. You can also go crabbing on the place’s quayside or take a boat ride going to Agatha Christie’s freshly opened summer retreat getaway place.

These nine comfortable fully furnished cottages are equipped with four-poster beds inside its respective master bedrooms with DVD players and an all access to a heated indoor swimming pool, spa, sauna, mini gym and games room. There are also enclosed gardens where you can enjoy nature.

Another holiday cottage near Helston, Cornwall is Trelowarren. This is a 1,000 acre estate property built on the Lizard Peninsula which has 19 eco-friendly cottages with amenities like heated outdoor pool and tennis court.
There is also an on-site New Yard Restaurant which is situated in an old house which sources everything within 10 miles. It gives diners clams coming from the Helford River, fruits and herbs from the property.


Waiting Lists For Self Storage Units In Bend, Oregon

Bristol storage units have become a part of the cultural landscape today. For many years, Bristol storage units only functioned as the transitional solution for moving, marrying and divorcing but as personal belongings continued to grow and multiply, storage facilities had no choice but to acquire and develop more land for self-storage expansion.

Self-storage facilities are experiencing an increase in their profits but they are also facing a serious problem of shortage. An improving economy and a housing shortage have increased move-ins at self-storage facilities in Bend, Oregon. Occupancy is full across the market and customers are now putting their names in waiting lists. During the first years of Jamison Street Self Storage the owner was literally giving away storage space but now it is basically the opposite because they are now asking customers to wait for vacant units.

Oregon has recently been named as the top US moving destination in 2013 and 2014 by a National Movers Study which is an annual report produced by United Van Lines LLC, a national moving company. Recently, there has been an influx of people moving to Bend and other parts of Oregon. About 66% of the moves to and from Oregon were inbound with a 5% increase year over year.

Why are people moving to Oregon? With the economy becoming stable after the economic downturn, current migration patterns reflected long term trends of movement to the southern and western states especially on the areas where housing costs are generally lower with job growth at or above the national average. The temperate climate including unique amenities like outdoor recreation, arts and entertainment activities including green-space protection are seen as the factors propelling Oregon to the top of the list for the second year.

Occupancy at Jamison Street Self Storage is at its fullest from May to September because these are the months where people are more likely to move. All the 320 storage units at the facility are rented and the company is keeping a waiting list. People moving to Bend have no place to live yet and they do not have any space to store their stuff. Finding vacant storage units is difficult and some Bend residents are renting units located 35 miles away. Waiting lists are 2 pages long and most units have been occupied since the beginning of the year.


Pioneering Laser Eye Treatment Patient, Deirdre O’Brien, Still Happy With Results

In the Internet, you may come across websites like www.LaserEyeSurgeryGlasgow.co.uk that promote the need for laser eye treatment and although this kind of vision correcting treatment has been viewed negatively by the media, it is safe to say that it has helped countless of people who have suffered from poor eyesight.

In fact, 20 years after laser eye treatment had first been introduced in Ireland, one of its pioneering patients, Deirdre O’Brien, is still happy with the results she had received when she chanced herself on the laser eye treatment.
She is proud to say that she has been free of glasses or contact lenses ever since the treatment 20 years ago.

According to Deirdre, who is now in her 50s, she was one of the 20 people who had first undergone laser eye treatment in the country. She says that she first started wearing eye glasses when she was 15 because she was shortsighted. But she didn’t really like to wear spectacles especially when she started to work.
Deirdre had spent a number of years wearing glasses that she doesn’t like and having to clean them up every night. It was also quite a hassle for her to buy another set when she loses her glasses.

When she discovered contact lenses, it was easier yet cleaning them was also quite bothersome; add in the fact that they were also unwieldy.

It was her mother who introduced her to the laser eye treatment when she happened to read about it in an article. When she went to Wellington Clinic to ask about the treatment, it didn’t take a while before she had her first eye done. Afterwards, she came back to have her second eye done and the experience has been life changing for her.

Back then, laser eye treatment was still new to Ireland but that didn’t bother her one bit and 20 years after, Deirdre says that she has no regrets or whatsoever. She has been living her life free from glasses and contact lenses and she sees the world much clearly now.


Maintenance And Custodial Staff Preparing Schools Before The School Year Starts

Residential homes and commercial buildings are not the only place needing plumbing repairs from professionals but school institutions as well. This is what has been keeping the custodial staff of the campuses of Copperas Cove Independent School District. Extra care is given to the entire campuses as well as the buildings to ensure its clean and well-maintained appearance before the school year.

Maintenance staff does not just work the regular hours but they also respond whenever emergency situation occurs such as water leaks or any other emergency repairs that need immediate attention. This is done even at the wee hours of the night to make sure that the next school day will go smoothly. Visitors who went to visit the school have expressed their awe regarding the cleanliness of the establishment starting from the shiny floors.

Even the HVAC contractors that were hired by the S.C. Lee Junior High School for the summer were impressed upon knowing that the campus is nearing its 20 years yet everything looks good as new.

Though many of the campuses and parts of other campuses that were built 50 years ago, they still look new because of the effort and care put in by the maintenance department as well as the custodial staffs.

Another factor that keeps everything good as new is Steve Schwausch who is the Director of Facilities and Maintenance. He has been with the district for 25 years which is not surprising how he know every detail in the water system, electrical system as well as the air conditioning system all over the district. He has full knowledge of everything that makes the district work.

He is also in-charge of the various facilities and takes care of almost every issue. He knows how to manage a variety of task from cleaning up to the maintenance of the ground. He is also in-charge whenever a new construction is started as well as remodeling of the existing buildings. The district works smoothly everyday because of the everyday dedication and maintenance by Steve Schwausch.

The custodial staff, on the other hand, is being managed by Elvira McRae who is the supervisor and has been working under the district for 38 years already. Her high expectations are what keeps the facilities inside the campuses clean and neat every day.


Reasons Why You Should Use Paper Bags

The use of Paper Mart paper bags is beneficial to the environment. Especially that harsher conditions are already experienced in the planet because of the adverse effects of pollution, the use of paper bags will definitely help in reducing the amount of pollution contributed to the environment and would therefore lower the occurrence of abnormal natural calamities.

Why should you use paper bags instead of the commonly used plastic bags? Here’s why:

– Renewable. During the year 2011, it was reported that the forests and wood products in the United States stored and captured about 16 percent of all the carbon dioxide that is emitted by fossil fuel consumption. An estimated two-thirds of the power that is used to produce or make paper comes from sources which are carbon-neutral- renewable sources.

– Recyclable. The recovery rate or rate at which the paper bag is recyclable is at least four times more than that compared to plastic bags. Sacks’ and paper bags’ recovery rate is said to be at 49.5 percent. It is for this reason that these products are kept out of landfills and that their fiber supply is extended. You also need to consider that in every ton of paper recovered for recycling, it will save at least 3.3 cubic yards of landfill area. Last year, 96 percent of those residing in the United Stated had complete access to the recycling programs implements in various communities. Also in the same year, about 65.4 percent of the paper used in the United States was recovered to be recycled.

– Compostable. Paper bags are ideal materials that can serve as container for compostable wastes. The paper bags are compostable and are widely used throughout the country.

– Energy Efficient. Paper bags are said to be efficient and also a big help in reducing greenhouse gases by requiring lesser energy when being produced compared to plastic bags. On the average, two thirds of the total amount of energy that is used to produce paper is renewable. When biomass, like wood is being combusted for energy, it will release carbon dioxide that it has absorbed earlier back to the atmosphere.


Proposed Perth Airport Link Approved By EPA

The proposed airport link in Perth Australia has been given conditional approval by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The railway link is eight kilometers long and three new stations will have to be built, one each at the domestic and the international terminal and the remaining in Forrestfield. The railway will branch off Bayswater and will pass through tunnels under Swan River.

The airport rail link is expected to carry about 16,000 to 17,000 people daily by 2031 according to Greens Senator Scott Lundlam. Lundlam believes that the patronage numbers of this project is uncertain for a very expensive capital works project. He also believes that the residents of Perth would better benefit from a light rail project which is projected to carry about 35,000 passengers daily by 2031.

On another note, EPA Chairman Paul Vogel said that there is a significant ecological impact that the construction might cause especially at the Forrestfield station. This would involve the clearing of 13 hectares of bushland, 1.6 of which is threatened coastal plain scrubland. He says that 25 rare species of flora will be affected. However, he did not mention any impact that would be caused to animals due to the construction.

Nevertheless, Vogel also said that environmental impact is inevitable as he assessed that the tunneling will produce 750,000 cubic meters of spoil. He further said that the spoil might be reusable instead of being dumped.

Vogel said that Environmental Minster Albert Jacob approved of the project if certain environmental conditions were met and is also subject to a two-week public appeal period before the Minster makes a final decision. In the 12-month period for approval, a strategy must be made by the Public Transportation Authority to comply with the Government’s environmental offset policy in order for them to begin the construction.

With this, the PTA will also be required to come up with a management plan for the flora and vegetation affected. They are required to ensure to the Government and to the people that the impact of the construction on the flora and vegetation within the area of responsibility is manageable.


Tutoring Program In Brockton Serves The Homeless

Private tutoring services, like the ones being offered by the Bee Academic Tutoring, can greatly help students of all ages. Tutoring services can definitely add to a student’s learning experience. With the growing population, it is safe to say that schools are not any more fully capable of effectively teaching each of their students without further help. This is probably the most basic reason as to why people hire tutors.

But there are also people who are in need of tutorial services but don’t have the resources to hire one. A good example for these people is the ones affected by homelessness. Fortunately, there are various organizations and programs that cater to the tutorial needs of people who have been and still are affected by homelessness.

One such program is the “School on Wheels of Massachusetts.” It was first founded in 2004 by a school teacher and child advocate, Cheryl Opper. The main goal of the program is to reach out to the families who, at some point, have been affected by homelessness.

The program can be considered a success because not only are the students learning, but they’re also having fun that you can’t even tell that it’s a tutorial program.

One of the program’s tutors, Lakia Small, said that each and everyone has their own setbacks and together with the School on Wheels program, they’ll overcome these setbacks by encouraging and empowering each other.

11-yar old Kalia, an aspiring scientist says she loves the program. She also shared how they fared well in the local science fair and how they made a solar powered robot. Kalia’s mother, Joanne, praised the program and how it is comfortable for the children to learn in the right kind of environment.

For those who are interested, the sessions are held at the second floor of the Crescent Credit Union of Brockton. The program primarily teaches Math to the students but they also teach Language and other subjects as well.
Kalia goes on to say that what she likes most about the program is that you get to learn after school and you learn new things.


Skinny Is Out, Plus Size Is In

A statement released by Dale and Waters expressed how they support New York’s Fashion Week’s celebration of plus size fashion.

Plus size was recently celebrated in New York with the tagline – curvy is the new black. New York is where the trend starts thus the positive response after much focus was given on plus size clothing. Before, a plus size woman will only be considered fashionable if she knows how to hide those curves and choose clothes that are of darker colors.

The recent event in New York, Curves at Sea, for the Full Figured Fashion Week was held in a cruise ship. There it was shown how plus size fashion has changed judging from the white, tight fitting dresses that were showcased together with women who are wearing clothes with bright prints fit for a luau party. One of the stylist and brand consultants, Denise Caldwell, expressed how this is the start of the plus size era and exclaimed that curvy is indeed the new black.

The event will be a whole week of celebration and it is expected that more than 2,000 women will be attending. The week will be composed of seminars for small businesses, fashion shows, panel discussions and cocktail parties. It started on Sunday and will be over after the weekend. Gwen DeVoe, the founder who also happens to be a former model for plus size clothing, discloses that there will be 25 brands who are participating which include Fruit of the Loom as the main sponsor of the event. Aside from that, there are also 12 independent designers who are joining the event.

The market for plus size clothing, size 14 or higher, is booming these days. Based on the data by IBIS World, plus size retail has brought in $9.5 billion for the year 2014. The number is only for sales made from women’s clothing store, stalwarts and specialty shops. If you include the sales for mass retailers and online stores (the booming market for shopping consumers) that cater plus size, the number could increase up to $17.5 billion for the same year.


Questions You Should Be Asking Before Building A Fence

Building fences can be an easy task as you can either opt to build the fences yourself or hire professional fence fitters. Hertfordshire is known to house the best fence fitters in England but before you go on hiring such professionals, you would need to raise a few questions for yourself and the people around you. When it comes to security, people can definitely rely on a good fencing. Fences could mean all kinds of things such as independence, war and most especially safety.

The answer will be no. Although you do not need their approval, you should also be responsible and courteous enough to share with them some important details about your fencing plans as well as asking them for some inputs. If they have some requests about your fencing, then you should oblige to them as long as it is within your ability to do so.

If you are building a fence, you should always know the extent of your property. This is important so that you do not overstep your boundaries and take up some space from your neighbors. You can determine your exact property line by hiring a licensed surveyor.

Yes you do. You would have to obtain a permit from the local government before you could build a fence. In some localities, ordinances have been setup to limit the height of a fence. Petitions would have to be made if the homeowner wants to raise their fences higher.


The fence owner is the one responsible for maintaining and providing repairs to the fence should it be needed.

If this happens, whether it is intentional or an accident, you would be entitled to compensation from your neighbors. Know that you should always address this in a courteous manner but in the case that your neighbor refuses, or is persistent in damaging your fence, you could always seek out the help of the authorities.


Ribbons Used To Raise Awareness For The Persecuted

There is no end to what ribbons can be used for. First and foremost, they can be used as a form of decorative material. During special events, ribbons can be used to decorate all kinds of items. They can be used to enhance presents and gifts during special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. Ribbons can also have a symbolic purpose. Ribbons can be used to express a cause or pay tribute to various people and events.

Just recently, two individuals from the West Side Christian Church have made use of orange-colored ribbons in order to symbolize the prisoners being held by the terrorist group, ISIS.

It is no secret that the ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is keeping a wide number of prisoners. Not only that, they are also killing and torturing their captives while trying to force their ideals on them or use them to spread terror to a wide coverage of people. Rape, torture, massacre, there is no doubt that wherever ISIS goes, people are bound to get raped, captured, killed and tortured.

ISIS primarily targets Christians and it would seem that the West Side Christian Church would not stand for that. They have teamed up with many other churches like the United Methodist Church, First Presbyterian, Assumption Catholic Church, First Christian Church and number of other churches to join them in their cause.
They are providing orange-colored ribbons to be worn in order to help raise awareness for the prisoners of ISIS. If you wear one these ribbons, you are automatically declaring three things.

First, you will be declaring and testifying that you are a Christian. Second, the wearer of the ribbon believes that this is still a Christian nation. Last but not the least; you are standing up for all those people who are being persecuted for being a Christian.

According to Dottie Wiley from the West Side Christian Church, about 300 ribbons were already been given away to various people. Organizers have pledged to wear the ribbons especially on Sundays so that everyone will be able to notice and join in their cause.