Military Ceremony in Gaza

Hamas Designated As A Terrorist Group By Egyptian Court

Cairo, Egypt- A court in Egypt has recently ruled that Hamas is to be considered a terrorist organization. Hamas is an Islamic group that resides mostly in the Gaza strip. The group was already at a bad relationship with the Egyptian government when the former president of the country, Mohammed Morsy, was ousted from office in a coup last 2013. The change in leadership angered the group which made them launch several attacks and protests in Egypt.
The Egyptian former president was a devout member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamist political organization and it has a deep bond with the Hamas organization. When Morsy was kicked out of office in the summer of 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood was labeled as a terrorist group several months later.

Egypt as a mediator between Israel and Pakistan

Hamas leaders and members condemned the decision made by the Egyptian court. The spokesperson for the terror organization said that the decision was not foreseen and one that is dangerous targeting the people of Palestine. He further stated that Egypt’s judgment will deeply hurt the reputation of Egypt.

Egypt has been a neutral nation to the bickering between Israel and Palestine. For years it has played a very important role in the peace negotiations between the warring parties. Egypt’s reputation was that one that is impartial. With the new high court ruling, this will surely create a new turn for the mediator role of Egypt.
The Egyptian court that made the ruling is the Urgent Matters Court. The court decision was based on evidences that Hamas supported insurgents and have series of attacks in the Sinai Peninsula. This region has been under hostility for recently.

On another note, the armed wing of the terror group, al Qassam Brigades, was also ruled as a terrorist group by Egypt’s Urgent Matters Court last month.


Hamas is an organization founded in Palestine. It is a Palestinian Islamic group but has been designated by several countries to be a terrorist group. Among the countries that expressed blatant comments that the group is terroristic as evidenced by their activities are the United States, Australia, Japan, Israel, United Kingdom and Canada. In Jordan, the government prohibits the entry of Hamas members. In other countries such as China, Iran, Qatar and Turkey, the organization is not perceived as a terrorist organization.

4 Unorthodox And Effective Tips For Job Hunters

4 Unorthodox And Effective Tips For Job Hunters

A troubled economy can definitely make job hunting a challenge but all it takes is a little perseverance, consistency and coupled with new and better job searching technologies, you’ll find numerous jobs that you can apply to.

If you think about it, job hunting has been made much easier as compared to many decades back. With just one click of a mouse, you’d get access to numerous job openings online. However, finding job openings and applying for open positions does not guarantee that you’d get the job. In the end, it will all be up to chance and the strength of your application and qualifications.

But if you’re a job hunter and is looking to improve your chances of finding a job and getting employed, maybe the key to doing that is thinking outside the box. Here are 5 unorthodox yet highly effective tips for job hunters that may help you out.

  1. Accept your limitations. This means that you acknowledge your vulnerability and realize that a little help from others can go a long way. Most people think that in order to get the job they want, they must prove capable of independence and doing things on their own. However, you must realize that doing that can also be limiting that is why you must seek out the help and advice from other people as well.
  2. Develop your passion. People often say that you should follow your passion. This isn’t wrong in any way. However, people often find success if they choose a career outside of their interests and develop a passion for it. This is because it is much easier to become happy with a job if you’ve developed a passion for it.
  3. Start by listening. During interviews, most applicants focus on conveying messages to the employers that they forget the importance of listening.
  4. Refrain from applying for a job immediately. Once you find a job BKK, don’t send an application right away. It would be better if you learn more about the company. Visit their website and try to engage in conversation with some of their employees. Don’t forget to throw in some compliments and ask advice so that before you send an application, you would’ve already built a good relationship with the people there.
Helen Walbey

Daring Woman In The Motorbike Business

In a world that is dominated by men, no one would think that a woman such as Helen Walbey is excelling at the industry. She is running a successful motorbike business while busy studying to get her PhD. At the same time, she is also one of the lecturers at the University of South Wales and employed as the diversity portfolio chairman of FSB.

Helen has a passion for women who are into business. She is most likely the only woman in the country that owns and manages her own motorcycle scrap yard – a business considered to be dominated by men. This is the very reason why she is adamant to make a name for herself in the industry despite the sexism she has faced numerous times.

Her business which is successfully running at Aberdare is not her only priority as she is also studying to earn a PhD, she lectures at the University of South Wales and she is working under the FSB.

She recently attended an event in Cardiff officiated by the FSB or Federation of Small Businesses. The event was dubbed as Women in Enterprise: the Untapped Potential.

Helen shared that she is passionate in supporting women who are not yet able to tap their potential. She knows that there are a lot of amazing women that goes unrecognized. She sees her position as a way to promote the works that are being done by these women. She also shared that her story as a businesswoman started as a shocking one. It started over 12 years ago at a time when she and her husband, Steve, are still in the catering business. They are selling food that are catered for vegetarian and vegan and all of those foods are organic. Steve suffered a small burn in one of their working days which became infected and he nearly lost an arm.

He was admitted at the hospital and stayed there for months. This is when their business was not able to meet the bookings with clients and they were buried in debts. With nothing else to their name, she decided to start her own business by borrowing money from her father as well as her father in law. She bought motorcycle parts, repaired old ones and sold it for a profit. And then the rest is history.

Hiring A Professional Plumber Vs. DIY

Hiring A Professional Plumber Vs. DIY

When people experience problems with their plumbing systems, what they usually do first is to try and fix the problem themselves. For the most part, there is really nothing wrong with doing this. With DIY, people are just trying to be practical and productive. But DIY plumbing should be decided very carefully and you must consider the severity of a problem before you decide to fix it yourself. Factors like your plumbing skills and knowledge should also be considered. DIY plumbing can be successful when the homeowner is only faced with a common problem. Common plumbing problems are relatively simple and easy to repair. In fact, you can even find simple tutorials in the Internet that you can use. But an important question to ask is: What if it goes wrong?

Face it. As much as you want to save money on your plumbing, you’re not really a professional and with this being said only professional hands can truly and effectively solve a plumbing problem. What if you replace a toilet one evening only to wake up the next day with your floor flooded? Now you won’t just have to pay for professional services to fix your toilet problems, you will also have to deal with water damages and the costs that come with it. Do you think you’d be able to save money when that happens? As much as you want to be practical, you can’t put your safety at risk. Hiring a qualified plumber would truly help you fix your plumbing problems without any delay or repercussions.

When you hire a plumber, you don’t just hire their services. What you are also hiring is their plumbing knowledge and skill that they have acquired throughout their years as a plumber. You are hiring their expertise and the security that they bring. They know all of the different kinds of plumbing systems in the back of their minds and fixing plumbing problems come naturally for them.

So save yourself the trouble and let the professionals do their job. As a homeowner, you only want what’s best for your home and during plumbing problems the best often comes with a license. If you are in need of professional plumbers, you can definitely count on the people from Richards Plumbing Services in Bristol.

Expecting Military Moms Given A Surprise Baby Shower

Expecting Military Moms Given A Surprise Baby Shower

Being a mother who is serving in the military is no easy task as you are sacrificing a lot of things. That is why it is only right that many of these expecting mothers are given the proper baby shower they deserved along with lots of gifts and various surprises.

The surprise event was hosted by Pennsylvania Masons along with the March of Dimes in order to invite all moms to be to have their mass baby shower.

The event was held at the 171st Refueling Wing located at the Pittsburgh International Airport. There are balloons in the venue as well as baskets that contain many baby surprises. Despite the location of the baby shower, the venue was transformed into the perfect location to have a celebration of life.

There are around 40 expecting moms who attended the party together with their partners which filled the room.

According to Jamaya Phipps, the event was very exciting as she hears other moms to be revealed their due dates as well as the genders of their baby. She also added that they gave her some advice as well as share if it’s their second or third one in the family.

The event was a happy one as each expectant parents share some stories to one another and they also learned more regarding pregnancy and how to care for the health of their newborn babies.

The main highlight of the party is that there a lot of gifts that was passed around for everybody. The parents received many surprises for their upcoming bundle of joy such as strollers, baby monitors, car seats for both infant and toddles, gift card worth $400 that can be used on Buy Buy Baby among many other gifts.

Phipps also shared how she had not planned her baby shower yet and how the gifts will help her since some can be taken off her baby registry already. She also learned a lot on what she needs such as monogrammed baby gifts and what she wouldn’t need. It was not the first party that the Pennsylvania Masons along with March of Dimes and other sponsors hosted but rather the 29th.

Resume Blunders You Should Avoid When Applying For An English Teaching Job

Resume Blunders You Should Avoid When Applying For An English Teaching Job

When applying for jobs, everyone wants to have a resume that stands out. Your resume doesn’t just show how qualified you are for a job. They also reflect the personality of the people they are representing. That is why you would need a good resume if you want to have a good chance at getting hired.

The same goes for TEFL jobs. While some TEFL training schools like Pro TEFL guarantee job placements once you’ve finished training with them, you would still need to write a resume that shows how professional you are and how qualified you are for the job in order to get hired and be taken into the country you wish to work in.

If you want your resume to standout, make sure to avoid these resume blunders.

  1. Sending informal emails. If you plan to write a message to your potential future employer on Facebook or sending him an email, make sure to always write in a formal tone. You wouldn’t want to begin your message with a ‘Hey’ otherwise the employer wouldn’t even bother reading your resume. Observe proper grammar, punctuations and capitalizations along with using proper greetings and closings.
  2. Sending an over the top, heavily-designed, colourful resume. There is a reason why resumes have a simple format and while you may have shown that you can use Photoshop, if you’re applying for a TEFL job, it doesn’t really have any relevance.
  3. Adding irrelevant skills and hobbies on your resume. Employers want a direct to the point resume showcasing the necessary skills, hobbies and interests related to the position and the company.
  4. Making demands for higher salary and better benefits. Just think, if you make demands now even without being interviewed yet, how does this reflect on you? You may think you’re more than qualified for the position but the employers beg to differ.
  5. Adding inspirational quotes or messages. It’s not wrong to show a little bit of your personality but including an inspirational message on your resume is just outrageous. The employer is looking for a skilled employee and not a motivational speaker.


Airbags Can Be Deadly In The Event Of A Crash

Airbags Can Be Deadly In The Event Of A Crash

Inflators were introduced to cars as a safety device to prevent the loss of life in the event of a crash. However, the problem is some inflators tend to explode and expel fragments of metal during the process. About 63.8 million cars in the United States were installed with unsafe Takata airbag inflators so that the government is doubling its efforts at recalling the inflators. The recall can take a while because there are tens of millions of cars affected.

The Takata airbag inflator was said to have killed at least 12 people – 11 in the United States and one in Malaysia. 100 others have been reported hurt whenever a minor collision triggered the airbag to explode. National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) administrator Mark Rosekind advised motorists to take action immediately because there are parts available for the repair of the airbags. Top priority to replace airbags goes to areas with high absolute humidity that includes American south-east and island territories because humid conditions can alter the composition of chemicals that can deploy the airbag and increase the likelihood of an explosion.

Recall of the airbags has been accelerated to prevent explosions when the airbags are deployed. Of the affected 28.8 million cars in the United States, about 8.17 million have been fixed. However, the accelerated recall will add about 35 million to 40 million new cars on the list of affected cars. On the other hand, the defect does not include all Takata airbag inflators. Make and models of affected cars are listed on the NHTSA website. Models included in the expanded recall have not been listed but vehicle owners can sign up for the alert tailored to their car model. Car models that have been affected are so numerous that it may take years for unsafe airbags to be replaced.

While on the topic of cars, Ferrari 488 for sale is gaining the attention and interest of many luxury car enthusiasts. Ferrari 488 was intended to replace the Ferrari 458. Ferrari 488 is powered by a 3.9-liter twin turbocharged V8 that has a higher output than 458’s engine.

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